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Course Descriptions

Basic SRO | Intermediate SRO | Advanced SRO | Innovative Stratgies | Refresher
Supervision & Management of School-Based Policing Programs

Basic School Resource Officer Training

This forty-hour class is the foundation of effective school-based policing programs across the United States. The attendees will be given the basics that are needed to work effectively as a school-based law enforcement officer. The triad approach of teacher, counselor, and law enforcement officer is the format that is presented in this block of instruction. The attendees are given the skills that will make them effective on campuses of schools in any setting. Any school-based law enforcement officer, school security officer, educator, administrator, supervisor, dean or parent will benefit from attending this class.


Intermediate SRO Training

This forty-hour class has been developed as a direct result of the success of the Basic School Resource Officer Course. The skills that are developed in the basic class, or the practical experience that the officers or administrators have obtained, are refined and developed. Students will be given the opportunity to share the problems in their program and work to find solutions, with the help of the other attendees. There will also be an opportunity for the student to discover ways to improve their performance and their entire program by developing new resources and discussing other specialized programs that they can adapt to better serve their students, schools and communities. Completion of the Basic School Resource Officer Class is not a requirement for taking or being successful in this class. Attendees for this class should be school-based law enforcement officers, school security officers, educators, administrators, supervisors, deans, or parents.


Advanced Training for School Based Programs

This forty hour class has been designed to assist law enforcement officers and school-based personnel in continuing their professional growth and assisting them in becoming the safety and security experts in their respective districts. This curricula was developed to meet identified needs of these officers, schools and districts. Attendees will be taught how to integrate the goals of community policing into their schools and school-based programs. Methods used to evaluate their programs and officers will also be discussed. Changes in the law and legal requirements will be taught to assist the officers and administrators in the creation of safer schools. Profiling at risk students and their behavior will be addressed to assist in the identification and prevention of potentially violent or deadly behavior in our schools. Attendees will be given the latest information to assist them in identification of at risk students, and then intervention methods to help these students before they harm themselves or others.


Innovative Strategies for School Safety

This new course visits the topics of Developing Crisis Response Plans, Managing Sexual Offenders, Domestic Terrorism, Managing Violent Offenders, and Internet Investigations.  The interactive course will give you inventive methods to address the issues surrounding these topics to provide a safe learning environment by the use of technology and hands-on strategies.  It is recommended that attendees bring a computer and their school’s crisis response plan for review and improvement. 





This course is being offered as a direct result of training requests and surveys done to identify specific needs.  It will motivate and rejuvenate both students and programs.  Topics such as Hate Crimes in School, Problem Solving, Program Evaluation, Bullying, Terrorism on Campus, Raves, Internet Crimes and Legal Updates will be discussed.  This course will be updated and offered annually to continue educating and motivating all school-based law enforcement personnel and school administration.


Supervision & Management of School-Based Policing Programs

This course has been developed for the law enforcement supervisor/manager and the school district coordinator or supervisor that has or will have the responsibility of selecting, monitoring, supervising or evaluating a school-based policing program. Input from officers, managers, and school site administrators from across the country have assisted in the creation and development of this course. The course will assist in the development, implementation, and improvement of school-based policing and school resource officer programs. There will be time built into the program to allow attendees to identify specific needs they may have and to work with the group to identify workable solutions for these issues. An additional goal of this course is to create a more standardized approach to gathering of statistical data used to evaluate school-based police officers and programs. Any person that is interested in the development of a strong school-based policing program will benefit form attending this course.

Characteristics of a Safe School

This NEW twenty-four hour course has been designed to develop and enhance skills used by administrators, teachers, deans, security officers and School Resource Officers.  Although most schools are safe, the violence that occurs in our communities has found its way onto many of our campuses. However, if we understand what leads to violence and work to identify students that are at risk we can intervene before violence occurs.  We know that involvement of caring adults and positive role models are effective tools in violence prevention.  When schools and law enforcement work together we can make our schools safer. In this course we will discuss best practices that help schools, communities, administrators, teachers, families and students recognize warning signs so students can get the help they need before it is too late.



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